Author: Marcel Gantert

Dipl. Inf (FH) Marcel Gantert is a certified assistant in health & social services and an expert on different health topics

What You Should Know About Fruit and Diabetes

What You Should Know About Fruit and Diabetes Fruit is a great and delicious way to curb your hunger and ward off cravings for more sugary, bad-for-you foods. When you add fruit to your regular diet, you have a better chance of meeting your nutritional needs on a daily basis. However, since just about every […]

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Glucagon Injections

A glucagon injection is used when somebody has a low blood sugar emergency and needs to increase their glucose levels immediately. Glucagon injections cannot be prepared ahead of time as their usefulness quickly wears off, so you will need to create one at the time of use. You should have two kits available in case […]

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