How are high blood sugar levels treated correctly?

It is important for individuals who suffer from high blood sugar levels to know the proper way to handle treatment when their blood levels get too high.

How to Treat High Blood Sugar Levels

Glucose Level too high
  • Insulin or Medication Insulin is a natural hormone within the body that works to transform blood sugar into energy by letting the glucose reach the body’s cells. Often, someone who suffers from high blood sugar levels receives too much of that glucose and needs added insulin in order to bring those levels down. It is important for someone to make sure that they are taking the right type of insulin for their situation as well as the proper dosage. It is also important that the insulin being used is not expired and that all equipment, such as pumps or meters, are working correctly. Other medications, such as diabetes medication, are also used in order to guard against heightening sugar levels. Individuals should talk with their doctor about their medication on a monthly basis to be sure that it is up to date and still working effectively when blood sugar levels spike up.
  • Create Dietary Adjustments: Individuals often create a spike in their blood sugar levels simply because of their dietary choices. Medication and insulin have to be adjusted along with dietary changes. Any individual going through heightened blood sugar levels due to eating should immediately adjust their insulin intake in order to bring that level back down. In order to determine what adjustments should be made, an individual should talk with their doctor or dietitian in order to determine a diet plan as well as any medication treatments that go along with it.
  • Proper Exercise: Not getting enough exercise can cause blood sugar levels to easily heighten. The best thing someone can do is create a healthy exercise plan with the help of their doctor that works best for their personal situation. Exercise is essential, but too much can create stress which can also cause heightened blood sugar levels. Because of this, it is important to have a balance when it comes to exercise. Beyond that, if an individual suffers a spike in their sugar levels due to too little or too much exercise, often insulin or simple dietary supplements can bring those levels back down. A proper exercise plan, however, can be used to treat high blood sugar levels in the long run.
  • Balanced Physical and Emotional Health: Both illness and stress can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. If an individual is ill or under a great amount of stress, they may have to adjust their insulin levels. They will need to talk with their doctor about what adjustments need to be made as well as what needs to be done in order to better their health and overall lifestyle. During a time of sickness or stress, individuals will have to check their blood sugar levels twice as often as usual. Often, if someone is sick, they will be prescribed extra medication that will fight the sickness without worsening their blood sugar levels. Keep in mind that some medications can cause blood sugar to spike up. That is why a doctor has to give the okay on any medications. However, the right medication is what is needed during illness to keep those blood sugar levels where they need to be.

By following a few basic lifestyle habits, individuals can live a life free of constant heightened blood sugar.

15 thoughts on “How are high blood sugar levels treated correctly?”

  1. Deborah Peterson

    What do I take to bring my sugar levels down? My sugar level is 252 and I have not eaten today yet

    1. My blood sugar level is at 380, I am vomiting and feel terrible, I take 4mg amaryl an 1000 metformin daily. What can I do to lower it rapidly

  2. my blood sugar level is 225 fasting and 245 after two hours after eating .I am presently on glucophage of 2000mg daily will this curb it

    1. You need to lower the carbs in your diet. Increasing proteins and fats in your diet will help to alleviate the high sugars. Plan your meals limiting daily carbs to 45-50 grams a day and your sugars will come into control.

  3. suryanarayana

    My blood sugar level is 130 fasting and 196 after two hours after eating What do i take to bring down the levels.

  4. i am 13 years long sugar patiant now i am 45 years old last 2years my sugar leable not control by glmy4 medicens what l do

  5. I’m on 500 mg metformin 1 pill in the mornings. I have a really stressful job and 2 hours after lunch it’s 167!when I’m really stressed. Does this need treated?

  6. charles house

    8907 scarlett pl. I’m on metformin 500mg and I take 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night.The last 2-3 wks. my level has been above 200.Back in Dec. my level was between 130-150. I do not want to take the shot. Can you reccomend a medication?

  7. My blood sugar level is 135 fasting and 204 two hours after eating What do i take to bring down the levels. Currently not on any medication.

  8. My blood sugar is 315 and I feel like I’m going to vomit. I’ve hardly eaten anything all day. How can I bring it down. I feel like crap.

  9. I am 70 years of age my blood sugar levels ( fasting- 143 ,after dinner 153 ). I am taking citrapin 1000mg, Trajenta 5mg , Razel 10 mg & Ramistar 10mg. From last 6 months.How long I will have to take what diet I should take, please suggest

  10. Charles Aissen

    My blood sugar level before I eat breakfast is around 139, and then two or more hours later it goes up to 259 and up.

  11. Bikash Agarwal

    Blood sugar while fasting was 229 and after taking breakfast and then.,after two hours it was 330.What should I do?

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