Although it is quite often mistakenly referred to as a vegetable, corn is technically a grain. Due to this common misconception, it is important to mention. Since many individuals believe that corn is a vegetable, they also believe that it is very healthy. However, corn on the cob is a 48 on the glycemic index. Although corn is a starchy and carbohydrate-rich food that can easily lead to high blood sugar, it can still be incorporated into a diabetic diet in moderation. The key to consuming corn in a diabetic diet is balance. When corn is eaten along with healthy proteins and fats, the digestion of the proteins and fats can lessen the insulin spike that one would incur as a result of eating the corn alone. Another healthy alternative for diabetics to avoid an insulin spike and to still enjoy corn is to eat blue corn. Blue corn has a lower glycemic index than yellow corn does, and it also contains more protein than yellow corn does.

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