• Glycemic Index of 65; falling closer to the middle of the pack.
• Cantaloupe is a juicy melon packed with plenty of beta carotene and vitamin C to fulfill your daily requirements. Keep in mind that a portion of cantaloupe is only 1/3 of a melon; which is a lot to put in your belly, but it can seem like nothing in the moment. Containing only 60 calories for one serving and 180 calories for an entire melon, it ranks as a great choice in snack when trying to keep your blood
• An excellent source of potassium, this melon ranks low on the glycemic index and helps to lower your blood pressure. While someone that doesn’t keep tabs on their blood sugar may feel free to slurp down the occasional entire melon, diabetics should be wary of the sugar levels in their snacks.
• Cantaloupes are host to generous amounts of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.

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