This leafy green vegetable, which many nutritionists consider to be a superfood, is high in fiber and low in sugars and carbohydrates; therefore, it is considered to be a non-starchy vegetable. Like celery, spinach is a perfect 0 on the glycemic index and can be enjoyed by diabetics in generous portions without any worries. Spinach will not cause an increase in blood sugar. Moreover, the American Diabetes Association admonishes that diabetic individuals may eat even more servings of spinach than the daily recommended number of vegetable servings. Since spinach is high in soluble fiber, it is able to decrease blood sugar levels when it enters the bloodstream. In addition, spinach is low in calories. One serving of spinach contains only seven calories. Of course, low-calorie foods are extremely beneficial to losing weight. For diabetic individuals, it is doubly important to achieve a healthy weight, because a healthy weight might help to stabilize blood glucose levels. To prevent or to manage diabetes, make like Popeye and eat spinach!

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