Green peas, which belong to the legume family, have a glycemic index of 22. Peas are considered to be starchy vegetables because they contain more carbohydrates than other vegetables do; however, peas are also high in fiber and protein. The high fiber and protein content within the peas can actually slow the digestion of the peas’ carbohydrates and can help to regulate blood sugar once they have been eaten. Proteins specifically lessen the response of blood glucose when carbohydrates and sugars enter the bloodstream. In some studies, peas have been linked to lower risks of Type 2 diabetes. The apparent reason for this link is that peas contain saponins, which are phytonutrients that seem to be unique to peas. These saponins have been linked to not only lower glucose levels, but also to lower inflammation, an issue with which many diabetics struggle. Even though they contain a fair amount of carbohydrates, one may feel free to eat a serving of peas in moderation as part of a diabetic diet.

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