• Glycemic Index of 40; fitting into the low-glycemic category and are unlikely to cause spikes in blood sugar levels.
• Strawberries provide remarkable levels of essential nutrients, including vitamin C, folate, manganese and fiber. One serving consists of 1 full cup of red berries, which hosts your entire days’ worth of vitamin C.
• Also a good source of anthocyanins, this time presenting as red rather than dark purple.
• Fiber from the strawberries helps to keep your post-meal blood sugar levels in check and you feeling full.
• Polyphenols, a phytochemical in the strawberries, may help to slow down digestion of simple carbohydrates, requiring the body to produce less insulin to steady blood sugar levels.
• A micronutrient in the diet, polyphenols can be obtained in many things including but not limited to tea, several kinds of fruit, and extra virgin olive oil.
• Strawberries are a great snack for diabetics in moderation, but can cause spikes in blood glucose if you eat too many.

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