Other Factors that Influence Blood Sugar

Currently there are 29.1 million adults and children with diabetes in the United States.  This number continues to rise as many people in America remain undiagnosed.  Statistics show from 1988 to 2014 individuals diagnosed with diabetes has increased 382% according to the American Diabetes Association.  While factors such as food and drinks can influence blood sugar highs and lows, there are many factors that an individual needs to recognize to monitor and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

With any type of diabetes, blood sugar levels have to be monitored daily.  A combination of healthy eating and medications can help keep blood sugar in an individuals target range.  Even with this combination, blood sugar levels can fluctuate for a multitude of reasons from chronic stress to naturally occurring night and day fluctuations.  By recognizing things that influence blood sugar levels, individuals can better monitor blood glucose levels to avoid dramatic highs and lows that could lead to potentially dangerous conditions.

Here are some factors that can influence your blood sugar besides food and drinks:

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