The fiber of the psyllium (Blond Plantago) seed husks is used for many health and culinary purposes. When taken internally, this fiber is excellent for keeping the gastrointestinal tract moving and clean. It absorbs toxins and waste material. It also reduces LDL cholesterol levels and seems to significantly reduce serum glucose levels and insulin levels after eating. In patients with type II diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia, psyllium has been shown to reduce postprandial blood glucose levels by 14% up to 20%. Psyllium also appears to have the same effect in people with type I diabetes. Psyllium does not appear to lower glucose levels in non-diabetic persons. This fiber is most effective when mixed with water or food for consumption. It becomes gel-like in water and must be taken quickly. It is used effectively as a binder or egg replacer in baked goods. You can find psyllium seed husks in health food stores and online in powdered form. 1 to 2 tablespoons mixed with water, or added to batters and bread dough, is all you might need to see some benefit. Some health practitioners recommend taking this on an empty stomach in the morning and again before bed.

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