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Diabetes is a very prevalent disorder in the United States; over 29 million people have it in the United States alone. Understanding what causes different types of diabetes, how they are diagnosed, and how they are treated is vital information for someone who is facing blood sugar issues. If you are being tested for diabetes, it is good practice to learn what a normal fasting blood sugar level beforehand.

The best way to get an accurate blood sugar reading is to check it in the morning before youโ€™ve eaten or taken any medicine. This fasting level offers the best snapshot at how well (or not) your body is performing its appointed task. What number should be a cause for alarm that your blood sugar level might be too high? According to WebMD, a normal reading for most people falls between 80-110. Up to 160 could be a warning sign that youโ€™re at risk for prediabetes.

To check your blood sugar now use the box on the right and enter the values of your last blood sugar measurement.

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    Am 64 not fat. of average height and weigh 70kg. My blood sugar most times falls between 9.6 – 5.9. I use to jog to keep fit. With my small stature do I still need to jug to keep my diabetes in check and what do I do to control my blood level low?

    • Michael M -

      Growing evidence between diabetes and cardiac issues make continuing an exercise program a must.
      Dealing with low blood sugar can be dealt with by either using bodybuilding energy cubes or by caring a small flask of orange juice for emergencies.

  • Jocelyne Pierre-Borruso -

    For the first time, my blood sugar levels I thiwas 504 , this morning I took it , it was 316. I think I’m a miracle God loves me. Lollllll

  • dharampal batra -

    Hello doctor I m 64 my blood sugar is 450 after taking food .dr recommended me 70 point insulin daily .wat other things I cn do at home which immediately help me to get rid of did high diabetes.I do walk daily

  • Amiyo Kumar paul -

    My fasting and PP sugar level are 113 and 114 respectively. Is the level is high ? What should my fooding habit to keep level optimm?

  • Brenda Hammonds -

    My age 66 I was diagnosed as being pre diabetic 138 four months ago, I immediately change my eating habit, first I watch my carbs and my sugar intake, I walk five days a week, 3 miles a day, I burn today 478 calories, I eat plenty fiber and lots of leafy green veggies, people walking is the key, I just check my sugar after fasting and walking, my blood sugar ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ 86, people if u want to live exercise is the way to longevity, I’m living proof, if you only walk twenty minutes that will lower your blood level, Google the benefits of Termeric, that’s better than the med your doctor prescribe. You got to change your eating habits people.

  • Kimberly Cooksey -

    My blood sugar before breakfast was 103 after breakfast 2 hrs later it’s 149. Is that okay or is the 149 too high? I’m managing type 2 Diabetes with lifestyle changes of food and exercise. So I’m wondering how in doing.

  • Ejaz Hussain -

    My random blood sugar is 150mg/dl. I am a insulin dependant diabetic type 2 patient. How can insulin doses be calculated?

  • Matt Alcantar -

    Hello I’m 45 years old 230 lbs I take 75 units in morning and at note to also have high blood pressure which is in control

  • Missy -

    I score a 6.7 on a A1C test. They are giving me until July to correct. I bought a blood glucose checker. My uncle advice me to give up white bread, milk, cheese, salad dressing, catch up, already prepared and processed foods. I have been eating chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, seeds, brown rice, whole wheat pita bread, English muffins, veggies and fruits. My blood glucose was on average 140-120 but as high as 195 once and low as 112 a couple times. Now I am as high as 93 and usually in the 70 but once as low as 63. My uncle said it should always be lower than 130 but higher than 110. I feel ok as long as it above 73. I feel hungry under 73. I feel ok at under 120. I was noticing I wanted a nap above 120. I need someone to share healthy ways to raise it. If I touch sugar it will make me crave it. I have no will power. What is a healthy range? They want me to be on medication if I don’t pass the next A1C with less than 6.5. I got a 6.7 so she wants to give me a chance to control with diet and exercise and retest me in July. I just feel all the info is contradicts other info. I feel clueless and confused. Can anyone help me?

    • Amber Tharp -

      I gave up all those things you were talking about and took away gluten which is in wheat rye and barley. I noticed a huge difference with the gluten being gone.

  • Nilesh -

    My blood sugar is 267 mg/DL after taking breakfasts ..what can I do for normal range .right now my age is 30

  • Anna Maria Lopez -

    My weight is 189, 5’4 inches, I don’t know what is high or low blood sugar. My blood sugar read 113.

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